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Perfume Wish List

  • Playful and a bit unconventional—like the designer herself—Betsey Johnson Too Too starts off with fruity hits of mandarin and strawberry leaves, then settles with sandalwood and patchouli.

    Betsey Johnson, $42/30 ml., Sephora stores

  • Just when we thought classic Thierry Mugler Angel couldn't get any better, the latest formula landed on our desks. Reinvented with caramelized almonds and cocoa powder, it appeals to our noses and our taste buds.

    Thierry Mugler Angel, $67/1.4 fl. oz.,

  • Shine by Heidi Klum is our go-to daytime perfume. It opens with an Oriental fusion of mandarin and pear, rounded out by a touch of lily-of-the valley and sunflower. Brilliant.

    Heidi Klum Shine, $35/1.7 fl. oz., Walgreens

  • One spritz of the citrusy floral blend of Beyonce Pulse and you can almost feel the pop singer's signature onstage energy.

    Beyonce Pulse, $39/1.0 fl. oz., Macy's stores and

  • Sparkling plum and Chinese lychee in Victoria's Secret Angel create a just-right combination of sexy and sweet.

    Victoria's Secret Angel, $59/2.5 fl. oz., Victoria's Secret stores and

  • We have a crush on Vera Wang Lovestruck. Building on notes of pink guava, lotus blossom and tuberose, it delivers a romantic bouquet of sweet florals and woodsy musk.

    Vera Wang Lovestruck, $48/1.0 fl. oz., department stores

  • Classic and sophisticated, like the eponymous clothing line, Chanel No. 19 Poudre is a bold floral with powdery heart of iris base notes.

    Chanel No. 19 Poudre, $80/1.7 fl. oz.,

    Originally published in the December 2011 issue of Family Circle magazine.

    This piece was accurate at publication time, but all prices, offerings and styles are subject to change.


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