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Gorgeous Decoupage Easter Eggs

Just hatched: little decorating ideas using pretty papers and simple designs. For the wreath, work with plastic eggs. For other crafts, use hard-boiled eggs, or ceramic ones that you can display year after year.

Crafts by Suzonne Stirling; Text by Kate Doherty

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Decorated Easter eggs
Wendell T. Webber
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Party Animals

Add some animal attraction with a sweet menagerie of bugs, bunnies, and ducks.

Here's how: Using the templates (download below), punch out desired shapes from origami paper using various-sized oval and circle craft punches. Adhere shapes to egg using white glue. Freehand draw details (feet, whiskers, antennae, etc.) using fine-tip permanent markers.

Tip: Place a piece of regular paper underneath the thin origami paper and punch through the two layers at the same time.

Originally published in the April 17, 2011, issue of Family Circle magazine.

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