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Gorgeous Easter Eggs and Spring Crafts

We hatched a few simple egg decorating ideas, no messy dyes needed. Plus, brighten your home with a cheerful floral wreath.

Craft styling by Suzonne Stirling

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Lacy Easter egg
David Prince
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Amazing Lace

A craft punch gives eggs some fanciful fretwork.

Here's how: Tear off a strip of 1/2-inch-wide washi tape that is roughly the same length as the egg from end to end. (Japanese washi tape is a fabric-like masking tape that comes in dozens of patterns, colors, and widths.) Lightly affix tape across the edge of a sheet of vellum paper. Using a decorative edge craft punch, cut designs onto the tape. Carefully remove the tape from the vellum. Repeat the technique with a second strip of tape. Line up both pieces on the egg with the straight edges together as shown. Gently affix tape pieces to the egg, pressing out any air bubbles. To make the solid stripe, use washi tape that is 1/4 inch wide. Wrap the tape lengthwise around the egg and cut to fit. Rub tape down to push out any air bubbles. Repeat both designs as desired. (Our egg has four solid stripes and four craft punched stripes).

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