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Spring Awakening: Decorating Ideas for the Season

Celebrate the season with these freshly hatched decorating ideas for the table and every room in the house.

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window dressing
Allison Miksch
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Window Dressing

Give your room a new outlook with a valance made from paper eggs embellished with dots, stripes, and fanciful shapes.

Here's how: Use an egg-shape template and white card stock to make eggs. Enlarge or reduce template as desired. Make designs on colored paper (we chose green, hot pink, yellow, and blue). For stripes and crescent shapes: Using one of your white card-stock eggs as a stencil, trace and cut out additional eggs from construction paper in desired colors. Cut colored eggs in half and in thirds, vertically and horizontally, or in crescent shapes, and affix with a glue stick to the white card stock; borrow our ideas or create your own patterns.

For dotted eggs: Use a stencil or bottle cap to make dots and craft scissors to make a scallop edge. Bird shape: Use template on page 206 (Family Circle, March 2008). To hang: Punch a hole at top of each egg and thread with random-length ribbons or white seam binding.

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