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Halloween is less about tricks and more about treats. Time to break out the pumpkin-carving knife and the haunted house Halloween decorations for a very spooky (and fun!) fall holiday.

Step-by-step how-tos for distinctive Halloween pumpkin designs.

Clever candy-based desserts that are sure to delight your family and guests—plus tips for creating a crowd-pleasing ice cream sundae bar.

Get in the spirit (pun intended!) with these killer combos. 

Protect your furry friend during the scariest holiday of the year.

Is than anything cuter than a dressed-up pet? We found the funniest and trendiest costumes out there, starting at $6.  

Emma Rose Shapiro creates happy memories for underprivileged kids by helping them get in the Halloween spirit.

Oregon dad Ryan Weimer builds extraordinary Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs.

Julianne Hough (second from the right) dressed as Crazy Eyes from "Orange Is the New Black."   This morning I put the finishing touches on a set of wings for my 12-year-old, who will b

Halloween will be here sooner than you think! If the countdown makes you shiver because your house is still not Halloweenafied, don’t fret!

  With vampires and zombies in the midst of a major Pop Culture Moment, my money is on lots of teenagers dressing up as one or the other this Halloween.

Don't just stop at bewitching costumes this Halloween. Go all out with this season's spookiest home decor.

Pumpkin lovers rejoice: October 26 is National Pumpkin Day!

Make your desserts extra delicious with a bit of seasonal flavor.

Welcome autumn's crisp evenings with the sweet crunch of candy apples. Creating these harvest treats is easier than ever thanks to simple ingredients and microwave instructions.

Chocolate apples, heaps of candy and smiling jack-o'-lanterns set the scene for a fun Halloween.

No trick here! Just an easy menu of sliders, mac and cheese, candy apples and more.

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