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12 Painted Pumpkin Ideas

Set a bewitching scene inside or out with jack-o'-lanterns in whimsical, easy-to-paint designs.

By Heather Rinder and the Family Circle home editors

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Ghost pumpklin
James Baigrie
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In a Twinkling

Little ghost-face lanterns lend a ghoulish glimmer to the mantel.

Here's how: Hollow out pumpkins (see tips below), then paint each one white, including stems. Use a grease pencil to draw three circles for the face, varying the shapes of the eyes and mouth on each to give the pumpkins personality. Carve out. Place a small votive inside pumpkins to illuminate.

—To remove grease pencil markings that are visible after carving, wipe with a little Goo Gone on a paper towel.
—To Carve: Hollow the inside by cutting a 3-inch hole in the bottom with a serrated craft saw. Scoop out pulp and thin inside walls with a large spoon until shell is 1 inch thick.
—The Paint: Acrylic paint (available at craft stores) comes in tubes and small bottles, dries quickly, and won't peel off. Always clean paintbrushes with water after every use because the paint quickly hardens on the brush tip.

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