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Thanksgiving dinner epitomizes family time. Here's how to make your holiday menu and decor memorable.

With this many choices, there'll be no fighting over favorites.

This holiday season think big and save time with easy-to-make slab pies.

When you feel like going a little old-school.

Fresh ideas for a crowd-pleasing bird.

Steal these ideas for an elegant, unfussy arrangement.

Recipes for turkey, stuffing, green beans, potatoes and cranberries, plus dozens of new ideas that bring a little something extra to the table. Mix and match to create a spectacular dinner.

A soul-soothing pie, crumble, tart, and more. Take your pick of these comforting, seasonal treats.

Got a fridge full of turkey and sides? Use our easy recipes to transform those meal remnants into tasty eats the whole family will love.

Simplicity is key. Key lime, that is. Break out these tried-and-true recipes and make one of these timeless classics.

Written by Carolyn Miles, President and CEO of Save the Children. President and CEO of Save the Children, Carolyn Miles (right), visits Syrian Refugee Families in Jordan.

The holidays are supposed to be a happy time—but all too often they can leave you frazzled and exhausted. When your schedule starts to stress you out, decompress with these three tips.

Here's something to satisfy your sweet tooth: a fresh twist on classic fall desserts.

You'll be the talk of the party with these wonderfully decadent pies. They're the happiest ending to any celebration!

This superfruit is so versatile you can use it everywhere from appetizer to dessert this holiday season!

Hot potato! Incorporate these scrumptious spud side dishes and appetizers at your next holiday party.

For a no-fuss holiday feast, throw it all in your slow cooker and let it simmer.

Make your desserts extra delicious with a bit of seasonal flavor.

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