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Celebrate the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

The holidays get a bad rap for wreaking havoc on willpower and waistlines. In reality, the average American gains only 1 pound during December. The problem is, it's weight that is never lost. But you can embrace the season (sweets and all) and not tip the scale. It's all about making some tweaks to your favorite recipes, simple swaps and healthy choices.

By Allison Baker

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Orange-Glazed Spiral Ham
Mark Ferri
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Cut Calories from the Big Meal

The typical American gobbles down a whopping 3,000 calories at a holiday feast. While you can't work that off—it would require walking about 30 miles—you can make a few small changes to shave 1,000 calories off your plate.

Save 250 Calories

Try not to take a huge helping of turkey (or ham)—4 ounces (the size of a deck of cards) is enough. Dark meat lovers should swap some for white meat. And if you must have a piece with skin, have just one.

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