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Decorate with Iron-On Transfers

Use iron-on appliques to decorate and brighten up chairs, pillows, lamp shades, and more.

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Iron-ons can brighten up fabric curtains.
Wendell T. Webber
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Shower Power

Make a splash by adding printed trim to a fabric shower curtain.

Here's how: Select two complementary patterned fabrics. Prewash cotton shower curtain and both fabrics. Cut the first piece so it measures the width of the curtain (plus 1/2 inch on each end) and any height you'd like. Cut the second to the same width as the first, but not as high. (Ours measured 20 x 73 inches and 6 x 73 inches, respectively). Following directions on the packaging, apply iron-on adhesive sheets to the back of all fabrics. Peel paper backing from the first fabric and iron onto the shower curtain with the bottom edge 1/4 inch above hem of curtain. Peel paper backing from the second fabric and iron onto curtain just above the first fabric. Wrap ends of both pieces around side edges of curtain and iron to adhere. Cut three pieces of grosgrain ribbon to width of curtain (plus 1/2 inch on each side). Following directions on packaging, apply iron-on tape and press so ribbon covers fabrics' raw edges. Wrap the hanging ends of ribbon around the side of curtain and adhere. Repeat twice till all raw edges are covered.

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