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DIY Handmade Lampshade

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    A plain lampshade becomes something special with wood veneer and a decorative paper punch. I especially love how the design creates a warm glow and fanciful pattern with the flick of a switch.


    • Plain drum lampshade — paper works best
    • Long sheet of thin wood veneer paper (2 millimeters thick). Ours measured 26 x 40 inches.
    • Martha Stewart Crafts Punch All Over the Page paper punch
    • Spray adhesive

    Click through for step-by-step instructions.

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    Step 1: Lay wood veneer paper side down on a protected sturdy surface and place paper punch at either lower corner of the veneer.

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    Step 2: Punch design in rows from side to side across the paper. Use the alignment guide on the base of the punch to ensure consistent results. Repeat until the design covers the area of paper needed.

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    Step 3: Trim any excess unpunched veneer with scissors. Spray the paper side of wood veneer with adhesive and wrap it around the lampshade, aligning the seam of the punched veneer with the back seam on the lampshade. Trim any extra veneer from the top and bottom, using the edge of the lampshade as a guide.

    If the sheet doesn't cover the entire lampshade, cut a smaller strip to fill in the gap, punch and affix to the lampshade. Trim the top and bottom of the veneer strip to create neat edges.

    Originally published in the June 2013 issue of Family Circle magazine.