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7 Stunning Ways to Decorate with Typography

We'll spell it out for you: Decorating with letters and numbers gives everyday items instant personality.

By Judy Prouty; Craft styling by Suzonne Stirling

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decoupaged dishes
James Baigrie
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These decoupaged dishes make for an inspired display on a table and are equally at home with vintage glass objects.

Here's how: Enlarge clip art to the size of a transparent glass plate and print design on thin paper, such as lightweight resume paper. Cut pattern to size and shape of the plate. Spread a thin, even coat of decoupage medium over the underside of the plate and apply the clip art so that the image shows through the bottom of the plate. Smooth out air bubbles with your fingers and make sure all edges are adhered. Set aside to dry. If your clip art isn't perfectly flush with the plate's edge, use a fine sanding block to smooth the edges or trim with sharp scissors. Once the paper is fully dry, paint two or three layers of acrylic paint onto the back of the plate to seal it. (We used a champagne-colored acrylic paint to complement the clip art.)

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