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7 Stunning Ways to Decorate with Typography

We'll spell it out for you: Decorating with letters and numbers gives everyday items instant personality.

By Judy Prouty; Craft styling by Suzonne Stirling

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Desk decorated with decals
James Baigrie
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Letter Perfect

Here's how: For a large surface like this work space or a dining table, choose a big graphic pattern. Before you begin, read manufacturer's instructions and clean all areas where decals will be applied. Position decal and use adhesive tape to hold it in place. Peel off a small corner of the backing paper and continue to slowly remove while gently smoothing the decal onto the surface with hands or a brayer. When all the paper has been removed, press firmly to get rid of any rough spots. No top coat sealer needed.

Tip: Feel free to cut up a decal and rearrange the elements on a piece of furniture any way you like.

Andover desk, $299,

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