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Bedroom need some sprucing up? Got a kitchen that needs a facelift? We've got home decorating and interior design ideas for every space in your house.

Designer Lauren Liess transforms a fixer-upper.

The actor, producer, director and author shares her decorating faves.

The chef-restaurateur serves up Texas-style barbecue with all the fixin's. 

See the singer's picks for kicking back at home. 

  The designer's easy, breezy approach to decorating. 

Lily Kanter, CEO of home decor company Serena & Lily, tackles her biggest design challenge yet -- her family's turn-of-the-century house.

Follow NYC design pro Danielle Colding's tips for creating a less-is-more, uncluttered bookshelf. To see more of Danielle Colding's work check out her website.

Creating a charming, summer table top is easy to do in a few simple steps.

Serve up a festive alfresco party with a bumper crop of fresh ideas.

With a few key pieces, you'll be ready to take the whole family out(side) for dinner.

Celebrate the best of the season with fireworks, flags and a festive backyard decor.

See how to update a plain wardrobe with this simple DIY stenciling project.

For a backyard fiesta that really sizzles, break out the grill and cue the taco assembly line.

Can't get Pharrell's "Happy" out of your head? Us either. So much so, it inspired us to find a few ways to add a little bit of happy to our homes.

Choose a container, the right soil, a few pretty plants, and you're good to grow.

Think of this season's prettiest bouquets as a mash-up of color, texture, and scent.

With a sense of humor and freewheeling style, designer Susan Hable Smith proves that anything goes when it comes to decorating her enchanting family home.