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A Personality Makeover

Try these 10 clever ways to add personal style to your home.

By Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

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mixing collectables
Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil
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1. Birds & Blossoms

Dorothy was right when she said, "There's no place like home." But there's really no place like a home that's inviting and reflects your personal taste, according to a recent survey of Motherboard Moms. That's why we've collected these fun and thrifty ways from Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil ( to help you give your home personality-plus!

Add a fresh and whimsical touch to your home by displaying a collection (or two). We think this flock of ceramic birds looks sweet perched among flowery teacups. Any collection mix-and-match will do: Contrast your vintage clocks by arranging them with your hula nodders. Or merge your Fiestaware with your state glass collection.

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