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Warming Trends: Cozy Winter Decor

  • By David Prince

    Good to Glow

    Bark-wrapped candles add just the right amount of forest flair to your table.

    Here's how: Using floral shears, cut a strip of bark (available at florists) to fit the height and circumference of your pillar candle. Carefully hot-glue the strip to the candle.

  • By David Prince

    It's a Wrap

    Pull off a little DIY reupholstery with a two-minute sofa makeover that doesn't require sewing a single stitch.

    Here's how: Measure your sofa from arm to arm, and select a piece of fabric or a drop cloth or tablecloth that's at least 24 inches longer. For this tailored redo, cover the seat and back of your sofa with the chosen material and tuck in tightly around the cushions.

  • By David Prince

    Spruce It Up

    A quick snip of bark makes a garden-variety bouquet florist-worthy.

    Here's how: Guesstimate the interior size of your glass vase and cut a strip of birch bark (available at florists) with floral shears to fit. Put the bark inside and fill with water and flowers. It doesn't have to fit perfectly; the bark will conform to the container by itself.

  • By David Prince

    Good Scents

    Celebrate the official aroma of the season with a bunch of cinnamon sticks tied with a pretty ribbon.

  • By David Prince

    All the Trimmings

    The table's where the action is, so don't forget to deck it out.

    Here's how: Skip the tablecloth and try the European bistro trick of a few white linen runners across the table for a laid-back, elegant look. A faux antler is a cool, natural centerpiece, and candy apples at each plate double as sweet place cards and bonus goodie bags. Hit the dimmer switch. Everything—and everyone—looks better by candlelight.

  • By David Prince

    Natural Selection

    Even if you're miles away from the woods, a pinecone-covered mirror gives any home a dash of cabin chic.

    Here's how: Buy a pinecone garland at a florist supply store and glue onto your mirror's frame. If you can't find premade garland, simply hot-glue loose cones around the mirror.

    Originally published in the November 29, 2009, issue of Family Circle magazine.