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DIY Project: Wardrobe Decoration

  • Brianne Williams

    Weekend Update

    Style-savvy mom Suzonne Stirling spiffed up a plain-Jane wardrobe with a painted cane motif in less than a day. Her M.O.? A simple new stenciling technique and a soft shade of blue.

    What You'll Need

    • Stencil
    • High-quality natural bristle stencil brushes
    • Multi-surface craft paint, or stencil creme
    • Painter's tape (optional)
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  • Harry Bates

    Step 1

    Place stencil on the front of the wardrobe, securing with painter's tape or holding it in place with your hand. For this design, start in the middle front of the wardrobe and work outward.

  • Harry Bates

    Step 2

    Dip the stencil brush into paint and dab onto a folded paper towel until brush feels almost dry. Paint over the exposed portion of the stencil using a light swirling motion—always dab off excess paint before reapplying. When the section is complete, remove the stencil and let dry to the touch.

  • Harry Bates

    Step 3

    Continue the pattern, lining up the edges of the stencil to match. Once most of the surface is painted, finish by trimming stencil (if necessary) so that it lies flush against the edge.

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    Originally published in the June 2014 issue of Family Circle magazine.