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Decorating Small Spaces

Turn up the volume in tight bedrooms, entries, or kitchens with stylish space-saving ideas that make the most of what you have.

Produced by John Loecke; Text by Terry Trucco

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Small bedroom
Wendell T. Webber
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Small Bedroom

A big bed can work in a petite room as long as it's treated like a showpiece with splashy linens and whimsically mismatched side tables. "It's making maximum use of cramped quarters—just leave enough room on either side so you can walk around," says New York designer John Loecke.

—Loecke painted the trim in a contrasting coat of high-gloss paint. "Without a window treatment you can see the view outside, and the room feels more open," he says.

—"You might be tempted to furnish minimally," Loecke says. "But filling limited square footage with pictures, patterns, and colors actually makes a space look more welcoming and expansive."

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