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18 Cool Must-Haves for Teen Rooms

Turn your kid's mayhem into a hip mecca for study, sleep, or just hanging out.

By Kate Doherty

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Nico headboard decal
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Target Style Expert for Home and HGTV designer Sabrina Soto gives us crib notes for creating a room that will keep tweens, teens, and parents happy.

Hot Picks: When choosing accents, lime, turquoise, and other bright hues are hot. Also, anything with a peace sign, and surfing- and snowboard-related items rule right now.

Bed and Beyond: Treat a teen's room as a pre-dorm studio apartment. Besides the basics, add in a big chair or love seat, a colorful area rug, and a mini fridge for snacks. You'll get serious cool points.

Smart Art: Cover an entire wall (or just a section) with a few coats of magnetic paint, and tack up posters and photos with magnets. It'll save a bundle on framing.

Commitment Issues: Accommodate warp-speed changing tastes by keeping walls neutral and adding accessories in the color or pattern du jour. Reusable wall decals make fantastic temporary decor.

Nico headboard decal, from $40,

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