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Teen Rooms with Star Power!

Is your teen more Gossip Girl or Glee? The Breakfast Club or Twilight? The shows or movies they love inspired these fun bedroom designs!

By Kathleen McCleary

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white, lime, and brown bed
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Style: The Star

The Inspiration: Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) Glee

For the teen whose talent is as big as her rock 'n' roll dreams, like Glee's Rachel Berry, a bedroom reflecting visions of stardom fits the bill. Whether it's a room designed to look like the interior of a luxe tour bus or an over-the-top theatrical Lady Gaga-like dressing room, the design is all in the details.

Look for lighted mirrors or small light-up signs as accents. Costumes—feather boas, bodices, capes, kimonos—can be displayed on walls or draped over a bed. Paint walls a color, but use silvery wallpaper on the ceiling to reflect light, says designer Jennifer Allen Frank: "I figure they're always lying in bed and talking on the phone, so they might as well as stare up at something interesting."

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