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Teen Rooms with Star Power!

Is your teen more Gossip Girl or Glee? The Breakfast Club or Twilight? The shows or movies they love inspired these fun bedroom designs!

By Kathleen McCleary

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Dorm Room bed with striped comforter
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Style: The Thinker

The Inspiration: Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) Gossip Girl

If your teen harbors literary aspirations like Gossip Girl's Dan Humphrey, he might appreciate a room with clean lines, neutral colors (with a splash of orange, which sparks creativity), and areas for both studying and long heart-to-heart talks with friends. Like many teens, Dan is a fairly straight-arrow guy who also tends to overanalyze. A room that offers soothing neutral colors and organized spaces can help tame an overactive mind.

Blue and brown color combinations are "very popular" in boys' rooms right now, says New Jersey-based interior designer Vanessa DeLeon, as are large-desk areas for studying and computers. A thoughtful touch: Match the wood color of the furniture (the bed and desk here) when choosing mats or frames for pictures to lend balance.

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