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Teen Rooms with Star Power!

Is your teen more Gossip Girl or Glee? The Breakfast Club or Twilight? The shows or movies they love inspired these fun bedroom designs!

By Kathleen McCleary

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green stripped girl's room
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Style: The Tomboy

The Inspiration: Alex Russo (Selena Gomez) Wizards of Waverly Place

Lively Alex, a former tomboy, is the type of teen who marches to her own drummer—brave and bold and a little bit different. Sound familiar? Then use a boyish element, like stripes, in your teen's room, but make it dramatic. Where a boy's room might include a conservative pinstripe, a wide, out-there stripe better suits a girl with a tomboy spirit. Strong geometrics like big stripes are "modern and fun," says designer DeLeon. Add what every teen wants right now—"a giant pop of color," says Nashville interior designer Cathy Whitlock. Utilitarian elements such as nightstands that double as storage space (on wheels, no less!) and lots of shelving suit a practical temperament.

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