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Room-by-Room Organizing

Organize and de-clutter every room in your house. We've got quick and easy tips to get you started!

Watch our organizing videos and learn how to declutter every room in your home.

I have just completely reorganized my dry-goods pantry.  Naturally, I used technology to make the job go faster, get everything super organized, and save money.

Restore order to your space using our easy expert tips.

Keeping the bathroom organized and clutter-free can be easy when you find the right storage items.

The problem: messy shelves overflowing with toys and books are standard in a kid's room. The solution: labeld bins and baskets can bring order to chaos.

The problem: the kitchen is a dumping ground for everyone's stuff. The solution: make a place for everythingto live.

Is your bath awash in clutter and the mudroom a mess? Get your house in order with our easy ideas.

Remodel, organize, and decorate your laundry room to create a smart space for work, play, and washing clothes. Use these tips from designer John Loecke.

Create a soothing space for wrapping holiday, birthday or special occasion presents.

Restore order in your home (and by the front door) with our expert organizing tips.

Use our tidy ideas to clear out and restore order to your medicine cabinet.

If your bathroom cabinets are awash in clutter, it's time to come clean.

Put all your project necessities in easy-to-find places so they'll be on hand whenever the creative impulse strikes.

Make room for the cars and corral the clutter with DIY strategies from the garage-storage pros.

A home office that's all work and no play isn't much fun. Here, designer John Loecke creates an inviting space with practical and pretty solutions.

Get inspired with these easy organizing solutions; they'll maximize your space and make it pretty in the process.

Revamp an entryway and create a colorful space to drop off everything from backpacks to boots.