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Clean Sweep: Do-It-Yourself Strategies from Garage-Storage Pros

Make room for the cars and corral the clutter with DIY strategies from the garage-storage pros.

By Sarah Stebbins

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Gardening Supplies and Toolbox
Wendell T. Webber
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Garden Variety

When storing disparate items, give yourself plenty of options. In this dual potting station and workbench, a combination of cupboards, shelves, hooks, and bins ensures every planter, vase, shovel, and screw has a home. A bright toolbox with stacking compartments and a row of clear plastic boxes for easy-to-lose items such as nails and washers are mounted on the wall. Colorful metal containers help stow odds and ends on shelves.


—Keep toxic substances such as pesticides and paint thinner up high and behind closed doors, where children and pets can't get to them.

—Hardwood butcher block makes a handsome, strong workbench. Sturdy plastics and steel also can support heavy items and are superior to particleboard or melamine, which can warp or crack.

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