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Organize Your Laundry Room

Remodel, organize, and decorate your laundry room to create a smart space for work, play, and washing clothes. Use these tips from designer John Loecke.

By Sarah Stebbins

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Use dual basins to wash clothes.
Kim Cornelison
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Double-Duty Sinks

Like many laundry rooms, this one already had a sink. But Loecke felt dual basins would be more versatile for tasks like hand-washing clothes, potting plants, and flower arranging. He had a plumber install new faucets and retrofit a vintage metal washstand with drains to hold two large galvanized tubs.

DIY option: If you can't find a stand, use a low table and cut holes in the top for pipes. Install a shelf or cabinet overhead for vases and gardening supplies. You can still set up a potting area even if your room doesn't have plumbing—just keep an extra-large watering can handy.

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