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55 Ways to Clear Clutter

Our team of organizing experts offers their top tidying tips, tools, and affordable finds guaranteed to help you bring order to your home once and for all.

By Laura Serino

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Pivini mini tray organizer
Michael Kraus
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Desktop Organization

17. Run out of desktop space? Take a cue from the doctor's office and mount a plastic over-the-door file organizer to post memos, school notices, and outgoing mail. -Ellen Phillips, author of Kick the Clutter (Rodale)

18. Place a plastic sock drawer organizer in the fridge to keep small snacks like yogurt and cheese sticks organized and easily accessible to kids. -Amy Keroes, founder of Mommy Tracked

19. Stick a small office file cabinet into an empty corner of the kitchen and corral everything from coupons to recipes. -Kelly Osborne, for

20. Drill holes in the lids of glass jars and screw into the bottom of a shelf above your desk. Use for paperclips, thumbtacks, and rubber bands. -Sue Whitney, coauthor of Junk Beautiful (Taunton)

21. Make use of empty space in a bottom cabinet with a slide-out drawer for skillets and pots. Chrome rollout drawer, from $45, -Lorie Marrero, creator of The Clutter Diet

22. I'm never without office essentials thanks to this three-tiered tray. -Laura Serino, Family Circle Associate Home Editor

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