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Clutter-Clearing Tips from Organizing Experts

Clothes, shoes, papers, craft supplies; sorting out the mess never seems to end, say Family Circle staffers and members of our social network, Here, organizing experts tackle their problems and share their best tips for cutting clutter.

By Kimberly Fusaro

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Organized craft supplies
Greg Scheidemann
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"I do a lot of crafts, and I stash yarn, ribbons, papers, and rubber stamps all over the house. Any organizing ideas?"
—Lisa Kelsey, Family Circle Art Director

Even if you don't have a room dedicated to crafting, perhaps you could carve out space in a spare room or home office, suggests Platt. Put all supplies in one area. Separate like items into piles (yarns, glues, pencils, etc.). Review the contents of each pile and determine if anything is a candidate for the trash can. Hang a wooden dowel on hooks to keep spools of ribbon handy. A magnetic knife rack is perfect for holding scissors and hole punchers. Wire mesh bins are great for pens and markers. Store what's left in clear plastic containers with labels. Stack them on a low shelving unit against the wall. Keep folded pieces of fabric on a sweater shelf in a nearby closet.

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