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Clutter-Clearing Tips from Organizing Experts

Clothes, shoes, papers, craft supplies; sorting out the mess never seems to end, say Family Circle staffers and members of our social network, Here, organizing experts tackle their problems and share their best tips for cutting clutter.

By Kimberly Fusaro

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Salad bowl
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"My problem area is under the bathroom sink. I can't find anything. And what can I do with all those hotel samples?"

Start by dumping anything that's past its expiration date, including beauty and cleaning products, says Platt. Put all the hotel minis in a decorative bowl and leave them in a spare bedroom for guests. Divide what's left into what Platt calls "activity baskets"—one for hairstyling, one for nail care, etc.—and arrange the plastic baskets on an under-the-sink shelf unit, which can be customized to fit any size bathroom cabinet, even around pipes. Keep cleaning products in a small caddy. Leave the things you use daily (toothbrushes, hand lotion, etc.) on the countertop in containers like clear jars, wooden boxes, or decorative trays.

Melamine orange/pink two-tone salad bowl, $24,

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