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Clutter-Clearing Tips from Organizing Experts

Clothes, shoes, papers, craft supplies; sorting out the mess never seems to end, say Family Circle staffers and members of our social network, Here, organizing experts tackle their problems and share their best tips for cutting clutter.

By Kimberly Fusaro

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Bike storage
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"I'd love to be able to park the cars in the garage, but there's not an inch of room because of all our things. It's overwhelming!"

"This seems like an opportune time to lighten your load," says Platt. Take stock of what you use all the time (electric drill and rakes) and items that are seasonal (beach chairs). Dedicate a weekend to clearing out the rest (old baby furniture, for example). Arrange all the items so you can see what you have, and store according to how frequently you need them. Consider investing in a professional wall system with shelves and cabinets (, which allows you to store most anything—ladders, tools, and more. A less expensive option: Line a wall with pegboard and hooks or industrial shelving (, then sort like items (soccer equipment, car-washing products) into jumbo-size plastic storage bins. Install overhead storage units or hanging racks for bulky things you don't need very often (like holiday decorations or bikes).

Cycloc bike storage, $95,

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