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Reorganize Your Utility Closet

  • Spotless Made Simple: Expert Tips

    • Pare down supplies and products, tossing near-empty bottles and discarding duplicates.
    • "The closet should be for cleaning and household supplies only, not a catchall for canned goods or other miscellaneous items," says organizing expert Linda Rothschild, founder of Cross It Off Your List.
    • "First figure out where to put the vacuum, because it's the biggest tool," suggests Barbara Reich, author of Secrets of an Organized Mom.
    • "If you're starting from scratch, have an electrical outlet installed in the closet," recommends Rothschild. Handheld vacuums and other appliances can then be recharged hidden from view.
    • "Invest in matching bins, containers or stackable clear drawers, then label them for an uncluttered look," says Reich.
  • Paper Towel Storage

    Store extra paper towels and bulk items on a high shelf, along with specialty or seldom-used products like silver polish.

  • Cleaning Supplies Storage

    • Hang shelves and mesh bins at eye level or lower so everyday essentials like wipes and all-purpose sprays are within easy reach.
    • Install hooks for hanging items like dustpans.
    • Clip rubber gloves together before storing.
    • Arrange cleaning products by room in bins or caddies and label accordingly.
  • Broom and Mop Storage

    • Mount a snap-lock grips organizer on the back of the door to corral long-handled tools like brooms and mops.
    • Stash rags and sponges in their own holders so they can dry between uses.
  • Vacuum Storage

    • Park an upright vacuum on the floor. Designate a bin for nozzles and attachments. To store a canister model, mount the detached hose section on a wall or the back of the door so that the body alone can be neatly tucked into a corner.
    • Lay down a pretty waterproof shelf liner that can be wiped clean as needed.
  • Video: How to Organize the Hall Closet