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Beach Blanket Dinner

Enjoy a memorable evening by the surf (or in your own backyard) with our simple, make-ahead menu.

By Julie Miltenberger

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Roasted-Pepper Hummus
Charles Schiller
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2 days before...
* Prepare marinade for chicken.
* Refrigerate beer, wine, and sodas.

1 day before...
* Make deviled eggs.
* Puree hummus.
* Marinate chicken, then grill.
* Bake brownies.

That morning...
* Assemble strawberry topping.
* Bake muffins.
* Prepare salad ingredients and dressing; refrigerate.

1 hour before...
* Stock coolers.
* Pack a tote with blanket, bottle opener, plates, napkins, plasticware, and garbage bag.
Tip: Don't forget to pack serving utensils and extra napkins.

Roasted-Pepper Hummus
Makes: about 3 cups
Prep: 10 minutes
Microwave: 3 minutes

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