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Soup's On! A Delicious Ramen Recipe

Forget packaged instant noodles. Today's ramen is rich, hearty and oh so satisfying. Make your own using our easy recipe.
Pork and Edamame Ramen
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Levi Brown

Ramen—the name still conjures up memories of dorm life and penny-pinching budgets. But a new wave of restaurants, noodle joints and food carts are taking the classic Japanese comfort dish to a whole other level. Forget the spice packet; hearty, savory broths, flavored with mild miso, spicy curry or sinus-clearing kimchi, are simmered and skimmed for hours. No more brittle, crimped insta-noodles—now they're fresh, handmade and deliciously al dente. Toss in veggies like celery root, caramelized onions or exotic peppers. Add a poached egg and some porky goodness, then top with charred scallions and a splash of garlic-infused oil. That's what we call umami heaven. Forgive us our slurping.


Originally published in the November 1, 2011, issue of Family Circle magazine.


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