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Fork and spoon, plate and bowl, food and drink: every great thing has a complementary counterpart. Whether you're looking for a healthy drink, a cocktail recipe, or just a tasty beverage, look no further. Bottoms up!

Four summer sippers perfect for backyard barbecues.

Pair a glass of wine (red, white, or rose) with the perfect seasonal dish.

Grilling lemon and orange slices and halved grapes intensifies the fruit and gives the sangria a smoky, rich flavor.

Serve Trisha's fizzy, fruity Prosecco Punch at your next party.

Blend up one of these delicious immune-boosting and vitamin-packed drinks for a healthy snack.

Get shaking and stirring with these holiday-flavored drinks.

Learn classic dishes using our step-by-step instructions.

Let's take the work out of pairing wine with food — our festive party menu makes it easy.

Food Network star and cookbook author Sandra Lee serves up elegant Sparking Spritzers and Sweet Rolls with Honey Drizzle for the holidays.

Wine expert Gina Gallo shares her favorite sangria cocktail, plus her grandma's turkey crepe recipe.

Her popular cookbook and PBS show are both called Jazzy Vegetarian, a name that strikes just the right chord with Laura Theodore. 

For an irresistible take on rich, creamy hot chocolate, we turned to none other than pastry chef extraordinaire Jacques Torres, also known as Mr. Chocolate.

It wouldn't be a celebration without a bottle of the fizzy stuff. Here's the inside scoop on the bubbly.

Need an energy boost? Want to drop a few pounds? You can even spice up your sex life. These smart choices will quench your health needs as well as your thirst.

Drinking plenty of water can do wonders for your health.