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The Busy Families' Guide to Healthy Eating

Three families share their biggest nutritional dilemmas and experts bring easy, doable tips to your table.
Real Stories
family eating apples
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Jen Fariello
Photo by Jen Fariello

Feeding your family wholesome meals should be fairly simple. But throw in two working parents, loads of extracurricular activities, and -- dare we say it -- too many food choices, and this task becomes as complicated as the plot of Lost. Just ask the Millner, Brugo, and Alper families, who told us about their nutritional obstacles -- everything from fueling up on the fly to satisfying a picky eater. Experts then weighed in, offering simple dietary strategies that will not only improve the way everyone feels on a daily basis, but also set up the kids for a lifetime of healthy habits. Here are their stories.

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