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Eat More, Weigh Less -- Really!

Finally, a no-fuss diet plan that stops cravings, boosts energy, and helps you drop the pounds. (You get to have dessert, too!)
The Meal Plan

Hate dieting because it often leaves you with a gnawing hunger that has you diving headfirst into the nearest bag of chips? That's because when you can't have what you want, you want it more. The solution: Eat frequently so you never get desperately hungry or feel deprived, and choose foods that are filling and nutritious so each time you get up from the table you are truly satisfied and energized.

Our eat-more-weigh-less plan has you eating six times daily and distributes a pound-shedding 1,400 calories throughout the day for an easy and healthy 1- to 2-pound loss each week. Plus, the portions are sane, which will help train your eyes -- as well as your stomach -- to know exactly how much is enough.

And the meal options include plenty of key vitamins and minerals that prevent disease. Consider our menu not just a short-term weight-loss plan but a healthy lifestyle change you can follow forever. Simply choose your meals and snacks each day from our list of choices you'll never get bored -- and you'll love seeing how easily the weight comes off.

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