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7 Health-Boosting Food Pairings

Eating the right foods together can result in better health, quicker weight loss, and a super energy boost.

By Karen Ansel, RD

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Bananas and yogurt
Bananas: Blaine Moats; yogurt: Marty Baldwin
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Bananas + Yogurt = Less Tummy Trouble

Good bacteria help ward off gastric upsets by bolstering your digestive system's immune defenses. "Increase the activity of this beneficial bacteria by eating both probiotic and prebiotic foods," says Magee. Most yogurts contain healthful probiotic bacteria, but once consumed the bacteria need food of their own to thrive. Bananas supply inulin and oligofructose, prebiotics that the probiotics in your gut like to feast on—helping those good bugs fight off stomachaches.

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