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Outwit Your Appetite

Temptation Trigger: The food on the counter.

If you frequently cross paths with the office candy bowl, you probably realize that the mere sight of food can cause unplanned eating. In a study in which office workers kept Hershey's kisses in either see-through dishes or in opaque, lidded jars, those with the see-through dishes ate two more chocolates daily. That translates to 50 calories a day and an extra 5 pounds per year.

Slimming Solution: Stash food out of sight.

At home keep cereal, crackers, and cookies hidden in a top cabinet, and store extras in the basement or pantry. Research shows that people tend to put their inventory in visible areas and consume it quickly until it's depleted to manageable levels. At work, place treats in dark containers, preferably in a distant office refrigerator, not in your desk drawer. If the communal goodie jar resides on the desk of someone who sits nearby, offer to fill it—and then do so with treats you don't like.

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