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Vegetables and Veggie Snacks You'll Love

Are you and the kids not getting your daily servings of veggies? We found super-healthy produce snacks and unusual new vegetables that'll have the whole family asking for seconds.

By Regina Ragone

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Crunchies Roasted Veggies and Rhythm Kale Chips
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Introduce Kids to Veggie Snacks

I'm a big believer in getting kids to enjoy vegetables in their natural state, but I'm also a realist. There are many snack options that will make munching vegetables between meals much more fun. Two staff favorites that'll stave off cravings for pretzels and chips are Crunchies Roasted Veggies and Rhythm Kale Chips (both available at Whole Foods). A fruit and veggie juice such as Apple & Eve's Apple Harvest (with butternut squash, beets, and carrots) is another way to win over the vegetable-averse.

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