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A Romantic Dinner for Two

Cook up something special tonight! We came up with an elegant menu that's easy to whip up but guaranteed to wow your sweetie.

By the Family Circle food editors

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Grocery bag
Jason Donnelly
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Tips on Shopping for Two

1. When buying meat, look for larger packages that can be subdivided for use on different days. For instance, choose individually frozen chicken breast halves or hamburgers. Or separate pork tenderloins in a two-pack and freeze one.

2. Many fresh vegetables are loose in bins at the store. Pick beans by weight, or grab one package of grape tomatoes as an easy side dish. The average serving size of a vegetable is one cup, which weighs about 4 ounces (1/4 pound).

3. Peruse the racks over the meat and dairy cases; your grocer may offer small-scale disposable foil pans that are perfect for baking 2- or 3-serving casseroles.

4. Serving yourself and three others? These recipes can be doubled to yield 4 servings. Seasonings such as salt and dried herbs should be increased gradually, but proteins and carbs can be multiplied by two to accommodate a quartet.

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