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Kitchen Tips

Didn't go to culinary school? No problem. Chefs and food experts share their kitchen secrets with cooking tips and shortcuts for making the best meals for your family.

Family Circle and Barilla asked our Facebook readers what their secret ingredient is to whipping up a quick dinner.

You've seen them create delicious recipes on TV. You've prepared meals from their instructional cookbooks. You've dined in their restaurants.

For the all-important morning protein boost, try one of these flavor-packed toast ideas.

America's most-watched cooking competition show, MasterChef, is casting for season 8. Here's how you can go for the gold.

These 4 new teas will help you conquer your day.

Did you catch Family Circle editor in chief Linda Fears on Hell's Kitchen last night? Check out the winning recipes: Muffaletta Sandwich and Shrimp and Polenta.

lnstead of passing the salt, kick up the flavor with one of these 3 combos.

Get inspired in the kitchen with a variety of quick and easy snacks, desserts and drinks perfect for any gathering or holiday.

Newly popular grass-fed dairy items boast some nutritional advantages.

Some creative, salt-free ways to infuse more flavor into your everyday meals. 

You can count on these simple meals—all you need is a handful of ingredients and a quick trip through the 10-items-or-less line at the store.

Cook better and faster with time-saving tips, tricks, and recipes from the Family Circle food editors.

Do you have fond childhood memories of cooking? My mother taught me to bake and I grew up believing all children enjoyed helping out in the kitchen. Then I became a custodial stepmom to five kids.

Pecans, almonds, and walnuts are for more than just snacking. Add them to pasta, salads, and sautes to create simply delicious — and nutritious — meals.

Watch our how-to cooking videos to learn techniques that'll help you prepare meals with ease.

Learn to carve your turkey like a pro! Our food editors show you how to slice a bird to perfection step by step.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to cut a whole chicken into wing, thigh, drumstick and breast pieces all ready to be cooked for dinner.