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How to Can and Preserve Food

Author of the highly acclaimed Blue Chair Jam Cookbook, Rachel Saunders is an expert on all things preserves. We sat down with her to learn the basics of this old-school skill.
Home Canning Discovery Kit
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Sara Remington

Q. Canning can seem intimidating—is it something we all can do?
A. Yes, absolutely. When I teach classes, my message is that anyone can successfully make a delicious jam or marmalade.

Q. Why do you think this traditional method is gaining traction?
A. There's something beautiful about using your hands to reconnect with nature. It's nostalgic and appealing.

Q. When did you become passionate about preserves?
A. I started making jam when I moved to California. I was so inspired by all the beautiful fruit—I couldn't resist!

Q. Where should novices begin?
A. Start with a single-fruit jam—like blackberry or strawberry. Concord grapes make a simple yet stunning jam.

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