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Healthy Party Foods

If hosting a get-together at your house means a calorie fest that starts hours before guests arrive and outlasts the final cup of coffee served, you're not alone. Our Healthy Family, the Rebuccis of Chester, New Jersey, typically will treat friends to rich, fattening food, and plenty of it. True, it's a recipe for a great party. But inevitably everyone ends up stuffed and wishing they hadn't gorged so much. My mission was to come up with awesome ideas that didn't leave anyone feeling deprived. Read on for the game plan.

By Regina Ragone

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Drinks are where things get tricky, and quantity is critical. Beer is a no-brainer; stock up on a terrific light version (like Sam Adams). Also keep plenty of diet soda, juice, and flavored seltzer on hand to make mocktails or to create lower-alcohol spritzers.

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