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Looking for new ideas for your locks? From short, long, and curly hairstyles and haircuts to hair dyeing, we've got tips, pictures, and advice from salon pros to make your hair look amazing.

Summer Hairstyles: Braids, Waves, Updos, and More

Look great for prom or any formal occasion. Follow these simple steps for an ultimate glam hairstyle.

Ready for a change, three women raised their hands for major hair makeovers.

Try these styling shortcuts for this year's most fashionable hair looks.

If you've had the same look for as long as you can remember, it's time for an upgrade. Check out the four hottest cuts from NYC stylist to the stars Rodney Cutler.

Tress up with these fast and festive 'dos and see how celebs are rocking these looks, too.

Straightening your hair can be less of a hassle with these expert product picks.

Don't want your hair color to fade? We've got the top products and DIY tips to keep color-treated hair shiny and gorgeous for extended periods of time.

If fighting frizz, dullness, and wayward ringlets makes your head spin, follow our expert styling solutions to take control — and finally love your hair.

It's by far the number one hair hassle women complain about, and for good reason: Flyaways are a major bummer. Our stylists share their smooth moves for making frustratingly fuzzy hair forever sleek.

Whether your hair is thin and straight or coarse and curly, we've got expert advice and top products that will help you look your best.

Watch our easy how-to hair videos to learn how to style your tresses perfectly.

Shiny hair signals that your strands are healthy. And fewer than 2 in 10 women ages 35 to 54 describe their hair as healthy, according to a new study conducted by the hair-care company Finesse.

Get brilliant, glossy color, in the salon or at home, that stays fresh through fall.

Get straight, side-swept, or wispy bangs using these fuss-free tips from Jasellynne, the go-to stylist for gorgeous bangs at NYC's Antonio Prieto Salon.

Hair with that just-got-back-from-the-beach look is perfect for summer.

Say so long to the flowing waves of the last few years. Today's looks are a cut above — the shoulders, that is.