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4 Stylish New Haircuts

  • Sonja Pacho

    Pretty Pixie

    What's new: It's been texturized and roughed up to the max in salons and on runways: Now, this classic crop is the big makeover story of the year, going from super-funky to all-out feminine, says Cutler. It's soft and tailored to the face. (Think: Emma Watson's short style.) And contrary to what you may think, this 'do is a wearable style for almost anyone, according to Cutler. It's incredibly sexy and sophisticated—the antithesis of severe.

    Make it you: Small tweaks can tailor this cut to your unique face shape: Round faces benefit from keeping the length a bit longer around the nape. If you're more square, try bangs that sweep to the side; comb them so they lie flat and uniformly.

    Dress, Milly. Earrings, Stella & Dot. All makeup by Avon.

  • Bryan McCay

    The Upkeep: Pretty Pixie

    Blow-dry, then work a product like Redken Power Tame 16 Intense Straightening Balm, $16,, through hair, so it looks naturally shiny—not greasy, not matte.

    Movement is key to this style. Play up your texture with Garnier Fructis Style Survivor Rough It Putty, $5. You don't want your hair to look stiff, so remember, a little goes a long way. Available at drugstores.

  • Sonja Pacho

    A Better Bob

    What's new: Unlike the graphic—and dramatic—interpretations of the past few years, the latest bob is more layered and intentionally disheveled. "There's a bit more casualness to it—it's fringy on the bottom," says Cutler. Not too choppy, not too blunt.

    Make it you: This style is easy and flattering—go for a soft length that hits below your chin. Ask for a cut that's more loosely graduated on the bottom, so it flips and moves, unlike the defined A-line shape that's on the outs.

    Dress, Megan Park. Earrings, Elva Fields. All makeup by Clinique.

  • Bryan McCay

    The Upkeep: A Better Bob

    You're not going for the pristine, polished edge with this cut. Get a textured look with Matrix Design Pulse Thermo Glide Express Blowout Creme, $14, for salon locations.

    Use a flat brush to create body at the roots and finish with Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smoothing Creme, $6, available at drugstores; it protects strands and lends shine.

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  • Sonja Pacho

    Long Layers

    What's new: Yes, long layers are always in, but keep them undone and rocker glam—not full and cascading. It's a younger, edgier style that all age groups can pull off, says Cutler.

    Make it you: Ask for a cut with layers that are deeper and tighter in the interior, says Cutler. Most of the intricacies of getting this look lie in the styling—so instead of clamping hair around the inside of a curling iron barrel as you usually do, wrap it around the outside, leaving the ends out so they stay straight, says Cutler. And vary the size of the sections for a tousled appearance.

    Top, Iodice. Necklace, Megan Park. All makeup by The Body Shop.

  • Bryan McCay

    The Upkeep: Long Layers

    For all-day hold that feels soft, try John Frieda Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Root Booster, $6.50, available at drugstores.

    To break up big curls and add definition and a smooth finish, we like Joico Gloss Wax, $18, for salon locations.

  • Sonja Pacho

    Big Bangs

    What's new: With more layers throughout, bangs are fuller and rounder, hitting close to the eyebrows. "It blurs the line between the longest bang and the shortest angled layer," says Cutler. This updated take doesn't lie flat—it should move and breathe as you do.

    Make it you: With a swingy style like this one, it's important to make sure the rest of your hair has layers—bangs should flow right into them. Bonus: They'll frame your face and spotlight cheekbones and eyes.

    Top, Vivienne Tam. Earrings, R.J. Graziano. All makeup by Physicians Formula.

  • Bryan McCay

    The Upkeep: Big Bangs

    Bangs get oily before the rest of your hair, so here, less product is more. Just spritz roots with a heat protector, such as Cutler Specialist Protectant Treatment Spray, $21, available at

    Set with Nexxus Comb Thru Natural Hold Design and Finishing Mist, $11. This mild spray won't stiffen strands. Available at drugstores.

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    Originally published in the April 17, 2011, issue of Family Circle magazine.