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Girls Rule! Mom Makeovers

  • Karen Pearson

    Team #1: Amy & Amanda Giddon

    "I haven't worn yellow in years!" says Amy. (Same goes for white jeans.) But daughter Amanda wanted her mom to brighten up. Our fashion team paired a yellow V-neck printed top with white jeans, a look Amy admits was surprisingly flattering. "You get used to the idea that dark colors are slimming, so it's nice to see that white pants can work too," she says. And she loves her vibrant new top. "It's an 'Amanda shirt.'"

    Amy (right): Top, Tibi New York. Jeans, Lilly Pulitzer. Earrings, Lia Sophia. Necklace, the Bead Lady Designs. Bangle, Silhouettes.

    Amanda (left): Top, Avon. Denim skirt, Dear by Amanda Bynes.

  • Karen Pearson

    Amy Before

    "My mother always worries about things looking 'too young' on her, but I want to see her in some new styles," says daughter Amanda.

  • Karen Pearson

    Daughter's Orders: Ditch the Ponytail

    "My straight hair often ends up in a ponytail," Amy says. To add fullness, NYC hairstylist Algene Wong wrapped sections of hair around a curling iron. For a fuss-free alternative, secure wet hair in a bun overnight, then unravel in the a.m. to reveal waves.

  • Karen Pearson

    Daughter's Orders: Emphasize Your Smile

    Amy's usual five-minute makeup routine consists of foundation and mascara. "I avoid lipstick because I never know which color to choose," she says. But makeup artist Jennifer Martin gave this advice: "Don't be afraid of bright colors — just make sure they're sheer."

  • Karen Pearson

    Daughter's Orders: Mix and Match

    Though she loves fashion, Amy admits she's risk averse. Amanda persuaded her mom to take a break from her regular slouchy style and try on a variety of printed tunics in age-appropriate yet fresh shapes.

  • Karen Pearson

    Team #2: Jane & Mia Maine de Biran

    Jane prefers to dress in simple styles. To freshen up a weekend outfit, we gave her classic seersucker pants as an alternative to everyday jeans. Bonus: The vertical stripes elongate. And Mia got her wish of seeing her mom in something "more than a cotton T-shirt" when we paired a navy top with a cropped jacket and standout belt.

    Jane (left): Jacket, Hydraulic. Top, Michael Stars. Pants, Bitten Sarah Jessica Parker. Earrings, the Bead Lady Designs. Belt, Gabriella Giovanni. Shoes, Franco Sarto.

    Mia (right): Sweater, Juicy Couture. Jeans, Bitten Sarah Jessica Parker. Headband, Capelli New York. Necklace, Rachel Leigh. Shoes, Nicole.

  • Karen Pearson

    Jane Before

    "Her style is very 'motherish,' for lack of a better word," says Mia of her mom's old look. "She has one pair of nice jeans that fit her great, but that's it."

  • Karen Pearson

    Daughter's Orders: Let Your Hair Down

    "My mom wears her hair up in this clip every day, and it drives me insane!" says Mia. We added volume and smoothed Jane's naturally wavy texture with a round brush. The result: A Mia-approved easy style that keeps Mom clip free.

  • Karen Pearson

    Daughter's Orders: Show Off Your Features

    Jane took a makeup leap from her usual mascara and neutral shadows. "It never looks like she's wearing anything," says Mia. We added a lively lip color and rosy cheeks.

  • Karen Pearson

    Daughter's Orders: Dress Up Your Look

    Jane is used to playing it safe color-wise, so Mia suggested adding a vivid belt and jacket to break up her mom's go-to basics.

  • Karen Pearson

    Lean on Me

    "I have a closetful of plain long-sleeve T-shirts," says Jane. Thanks to Mia, she now incorporates some colorful accents.

  • Karen Pearson

    Team #3: Kathleen Marsh & Emma Lawrence

    Kathleen followed style cues from daughter Emma, who has a cheerful personality and wardrobe. A bright-blue A-line dress with side pockets is a great way to ease into more vibrant hues. "It's a fun look — and better reflects my creative personality," says Kathleen.

    Kathleen (right): Dress, Theory. Leggings, American Apparel. Shoes, her own. Necklace, Rimistyle. Bangles, Silhouettes.

    Emma (left): Top, French Connection. Jeans, her own. Shoes, Matisse.

  • Karen Pearson

    Kathleen Before

    "My mom's everyday style is just plain black, probably because it's so easy," says Emma.

  • Karen Pearson

    Daughter's Orders: Give Hair Some Flair

    For a smooth finish that doesn't fall flat, Kathleen's hair was set in rollers while she got her makeup done.

  • Karen Pearson

    Daughter's Orders: Keep Skin Simple

    Kathleen's makeup motto has always been less is more. She taught Emma to approach makeup that way as well. Here, she gets concealer dotted only where she needs it.

  • Karen Pearson

    Jump for Joy

    Emma encouraged her mom to try this sleek but forgiving dress in an eye-catching shade — still practical enough for her to wear anywhere. The added pop of black from her leggings sold Kathleen instantly.

    Like daughter, like mother: Kathleen's new look is a grown-up version of Emma's swingy style.

    Copyright © 2008. Used with permission from the May 2008 issue of Family Circle magazine.