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Post-Summer Skin and Hair Rehab

Did the hot weather leave your looks in need of a refresh? No worries -- beauty aid is on the way.

By Ilana Blitzer

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Honey skin treatment
Suza Scalora
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Honey: A Natural Skin Soother

Even the most diligent SPF-wearers among us have some unprotected summer sun moments. And come fall we pay the price with redness, brown spots, fine lines and moisture loss. Try one of our favorite super-hydrating home remedies: For dry skin, add a little bit of 100% pure honey (just the size of a pea) to your regular moisturizer. Turns out the natural nectar is a humectant—great for giving your regular lotion a boost—and also antimicrobial. An easy alternative is a moisturizer that lists honey as the main ingredient, such as Mario Badescu Honey Moisturizer.

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