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Anti-Aging Skincare: How to Look Younger

If achieving smoother, firmer, even-toned skin is on your to-do list, you're in luck. We talked to our panel of skincare pros about your top complexion concerns. Here's their advice, free of charge.

By Ilana Blitzer

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Flawless skin
Suza Scalora
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Dark Circles and Puffiness

What You Said: These two eye issues are tied for the second-biggest skin concern.

What You Can Do: Although they're of equal importance to you—and both involve the delicate skin surrounding the eyes—they're actually very different problems. Dark circles are caused by thinning skin, which makes blood vessels below the surface more noticeable. Try an eye cream with caffeine, an ingredient that diminishes darkness (we like Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller, $13). Products with peptides and retinol can help thicken the skin, ultimately making dark circles less visible.

Battling bags? Use an anti-inflammatory cream with ingredients like green tea and polyphenols. Derms suggest storing these eye creams in the refrigerator—they'll feel extra soothing, and the cold adds to the tightening effect. Also, stick to a low-salt diet and try sleeping with your head elevated—it decreases circulation to that area, so fluid is less likely to accumulate below your eyes.

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