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Style Makers: 3 Influential Trendsetters

Take note (we did) as our trio of tastemakers inspire with their advice on how to get, create, and unleash your own unique chic.

By Juli Alvarez

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Stacy London
Jim Wright
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Stacy London: The Realist

Stacy London, cohost of TLC's super-successful What Not to Wear, now in its eighth season, wants to know if we're listening to our "inner Stacy" when we ask if she will share her style story. For the record, we all have an "inner Stacy," a trusted friend who will tell us to walk away from the acid-wash denim and step toward the neat little pencil skirt that flatters every curve. Creative expression as a young girl developed into her lifelong passion and career. Stacy found her niche when she started working with real women and became a self-professed "style translator." She clearly understands the power of clothing and is determined to share her knowledge with all those who seek it.

Philosophy: Boiled down to its essence, Stacy's mantra is "know thyself." She elaborates, "Style is fit, knowledge, and research. It takes time and work, but if you look honestly at yourself and understand what your raw materials are and accept them, then you are on the path to achieving true style."

Beauty Brief: Stacy's silver streak arrived at the surprising age of 12 after a long illness. Even though people tell her the gray makes her look old and that she should get rid of it, she views it as part of her identity, a one-of-a-kind beauty mark.

Faves: A firm believer in clothes that are tailored but not tight, and round-the-clock-high heels, Stacy defines her personal style as classic with a twist. She loves pieces that can be kept in her wardrobe for a long time and particularly those items with one special detail that elevates their status from mundane to interesting.

Trends, Yay or Nay? Stacy recommends picking and choosing, like you would at a smorgasbord, what works each season. She has three filters that she uses to determine which trends will fit—age, body type, and lifestyle—and emphasizes taking each into consideration before buying.

Style Icon: Sophia Loren

Words of Wisdom: "Fashion is an instrument for creativity to express a personal vision. You choose what to do with it. It's a tool in your arsenal." Spoken like a true style guru.

Shirt, Elizabeth & James. Faux-fur vest and cropped trousers, Jody Arnold. Bracelet, R.J. Graziano. Boots, Stuart Weitzman.

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