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Video games, school sports, TV, the Internet: Here's how parents can monitor their kids interests and hobbies without interfereing.

  Every kid who starts off summer break full-throttle hits a point of complete sloth.

We asked an expert trainer for the most common mistakes high school athletes make.

As fun as riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) can be for teens, there are also real dangers. Thousands of kids are injured on them every year.

Every sport comes with risks, but faulty equipment shouldn't be one of them.

More kids than ever are playing sports, and that's a good thing. But along with fun and fitness comes a rising risk of injury, and parents need to learn to play defense.

Start strategizing now. These entertaining word challenges borrow moves and tricks from a few favorite games.

Feeling sporty? Before you and the fam hit the pedals, trails or playing field, check out these stay-healthy-and-safe tips.

Help your kid host a celebration that's safe, fun and controlled, while winning some serious parent points.

Family Circle's Stephanie Emma Pfeffer visits the Today show to share fun outdoor family ideas, including holding an outdoor movie night, creating a nature mural, hosting a chill-out party with wa

Classic board games will never go out of style, but these famous titles have gotten a facelift for the 21st century.

Whether your action-loving kid is the next David Beckman or simply a backyard star, he or she needs the right fuel to stay in the game.

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Staying in is the new going out, so gather the gang (and some good food and games) on Saturday, November 6, when Family Circle sponsors its first-ever Family Night In.

That's not you screaming from the sidelines, saying all the wrong things on the way home from practice and generally behaving badly, is it? Nah.

Every year millions of young athletes end up in the hospital with injuries ranging from sprains to broken bones to concussions. Learn what you can do to make school sports safer for your kids.

With teens connected 24-7 to cell phones, computers and one another, many parents feel they're being tuned out. The solution?

YouTube, MySpace, Facebook — tweens and teens are using these sites to star in their own reality shows. But what gets lost when good kids act bad for the world to see?