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Ask Rosalind: How to Talk About Peer Pressure and Friendship Feuds

Today's BFF might be tomorrow's bully. Such is the life of the average teen and tween. We asked best-selling author and mom Rosalind Wiseman to tell us how you can help your child navigate even the trickiest social situations. If you have a question of your own, e-mail and your answer may appear in the magazine.

Q. My daughter had plans to go to college in the fall but changed her mind. I'm worried she'll regret this one day. How can I get her back on track?

A. As a parent, you have to remember that no decision is final. Just because your daughter isn't enrolling in college in September doesn't mean she'll never go. And you don't want a kid accumulating major school loans when she's not ready to commit. It's way better for her to be out in the world, learn to take care of herself, decide what she wants to do and then get a degree. The most important goal for your daughter isn't to go to school -- it's to get an education. Tell her you respect her choice and you want to help her think through how to find a work and living situation that will give her the best shot at pursuing what she's passionate about. Encourage her to look into gap year programs that involve travel, and maybe you two can reevaluate her choice in six months.

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