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Getting Your Teen a Summer Job

Hiring Complaint No. 4

They don't clean up their digital dirt.

The downside: For all their Internet savvy, teens have to be reminded that the first thing nearly a quarter of employers do after an interview is an online search. Posts about partying, suggestive photos, foul-mouthed lyrics, or even bad spelling can be enough to make them reject an applicant.

The upside: Blogs and social networking pages can also be a selling point -- 24 percent of those responding to a CareerBuilder survey say that what they learned online helped them decide a candidate was a good fit. Pages that impressed them, they said, were imaginative and professional looking.

How to help: Do a thorough search of your child's name and help her clean up her online image. And remind her that even an e-mail address -- like "Krazee-Sk8er" or "PrincessPookie1993" -- can send the wrong message. Help her set up one based on just her name or initials.